Hametsu no Junjou English Lyrics By Walküre (Macross Delta ED 2)

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Macross Delta Ending 2 Eng Lyrics (Hametsu no Junjou - Walküre)

I stand on the burning wreckage..
I don't know for how long or why at all...
The flames around are drowning me..
Finding what i seek feels so poinless now..
Break the world and go beyond the ecstasy of the past
Choose the future even if it's the inferior option..

Let's go
Love forever until the very end
Sing so hard until it hurts..
Until your soul finally settles down

But if you still want to sing then
If you want to bet all on living..
The purity of your heart will destroy everything....

Believe in me, baby
I'll forgive you in a chaotic climax..

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