SAKURA Skip English Lyrics By fourfolium (New Game! OP)

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New Game! Opening Eng Lyrics (SAKURA Skip - fourfolium)

Let's go round and round, everyone!
I wonder what's waiting for us ahead
If you're going to get stronger
Then you're not alone
It's just another ordinary morning..
And i miss my bed so much
But it'll be a fun day..
So let's dash into it...

In the days far ahead..
We'll have our little troubles
But as long as we have our own special place..
Just say 1, 2, 3 ,4 !
Let's go!

Let's go round and round, everyone!
There's bound to be something waiting us
You'll get stronger, you aren't alone
So let's go beyond
Anyone's imagination!

We'll go round and round, everyday
Once i can gather up a bit more courage
I'll squeeze all our smiles into it
And with all of our passion
Let's go!

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