Yoka Yoka Dance English Lyrics By Batten Shoujo-Tai (Dragon Ball Super ED 5)

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Dragon Ball Super Ending 5 Eng Lyrics (Yoka Yoka Dance - Batten Shoujo-Tai)

Rh- right, right right, right now
Rub your finger on your eyebrows
Dandadan, my hair, stand up
The one whose power rises is a saiyan...
The light is coming from this shining heart
(Watch out!)
Time warped, greetings from the future
But if i'm right, you seem troubled

Don't make that face, just trust my intuition
We'll make it, since our hearts are still beating
Forever, and ever, and ever, dancing forever

(You, Hey!)
Relaxing dance! (hey!) x2
Re- x7 relaxing dance! (Kamehameha)
Relaxing dance! (hey!) x2
Re- x7 relaxing

Dance, and you'll end up smiling (huhu)
Dance, and you'll end up smiling (take it easy)

No matter what challenges we face
We'll keep on smiling and have fun..
So, let's put our power to the test
And dance with all our might!

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