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Chaofan MUSIC Lyrics (Dragon Ball Super Ending 6) - Arukara

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Dragon Ball Super Ending 6 Lyrics - Chaofan MUSIC by Arukara

Nihao U Ryu Chi Pa x2
Suupaa sheshe chaofan haochii...

Namae mo shiranai
Omata ni matagari
Yonsennen no monsutaa
Kakimasete tachimachi shiagari
Fushigina sutoorii..

Sottoo parapara supaisu ittou
Sekai de tadatada itto..

Abaredase ribidoo migi te ni wa renge
Todome sashiteyaree....

repeat *
Suupaa sheshe chaofan myuujikku....
Yeahh.. hah!

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