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History Maker Lyrics (Yuri on Ice Opening) - Dean Fujioka

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Yuri!!! on Ice Opening Lyrics - History Maker by Dean Fujioka

Can you hear my heartbeat..
Tired of feeling never enough..
I close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true

There'll be no more darkness when you believe in yourself you are unstoppable
Where your destiny lies, dancing on the blades, you set my heart on fire....
Don't stop us now, the moment of truth
We were born to make history
We'll make it happen
We'll turn it around
Yes, we were born to make history (history..)

repeat *

We were born to make history
Yes, we were born to make history....

lyrics credit: yurionice.wikia.com
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dailymotion: http://dai.ly/x4w6hp2

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