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Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari Ending Lyrics - Sweet Darwin by GOODWARP

Nemurenai yoru wa kou shite
Himitsu no hanashi o shiyou..
Aachi no mukou minato hi ga
Kaze no naka sotto yureru...

Negai hakobu shippu
Yubisashi kazoeru
Kimi no shiruetto
Waratte yo hora
Oh baby
Sweet darwin bokura tabi ni deyou..
Haruka mata to nai
Kyou o aizu ni shiyou..

Oh baby
Sweet darwin soshite nani o shiyou..
Na mo nai nido to nai
Asu mo tsureteyukou..

Asenai kagiri nai
Kisetsu o tomo ni yukou......

lyrics credit + hunsub + lyrics on screen/recommend subscribe: https://youtu.be/MRKv_06YEUA
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youtube: https://youtu.be/_SzlfJz8a9A

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