Fight it out Lyrics (Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters Opening) - Masatoshi Ono

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Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters Opening Lyrics - Fight it out by Masatoshi Ono

The dark cloud's getting closer to me..
In every moment..

I'm so excited 'bout this feeling
Even if it's dangerous..
Ok. Bring it on! Right now
I'm the strongest of the universe!

All i do is show you my unlimited power...
Go! Kame-hame-ha!...
Get ready

Fight it out
Fight it out till the end of world...
(Beat the spirit bomb)
Look around and you know that you're not fighting by yourself..

Get ready
Fight it out
Fight it out for the dream of world...
(Fusion, you & me)

Let's gather the power of our friends...
Never gonna give up..
Fight it out and do our best..
To save our planet earth..
And i say..
Go! Kame-hame-ha...

Fight it out, wow wow
Fight it out, yeah..
Fight it, fight it out!

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