FLIP FLAP FLIP FLAP English Lyrics By TO-MAS feat.Chima (Flip Flappers ED)

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Flip Flappers Ending Eng Lyrics (FLIP FLAP FLIP FLAP - TO-MAS feat.Chima)

One day i thought i would sneak a peek at you
But there you were, looking back at me
I went and fell deep inside your eyes
Lost, i thought, Now, where could i have gone? ..

When i hold your hands, enclosed in mine
Oh so soft, like a lamb freshly sheared
And i knew, i just knew, without a reason why
That you felt the same way as me...
I saw it there as you tried to wipe them off
Someone just like me, dripping tears
Always chasing the clock the wrong way, here we are...

Flip flap x2
When i open it
Flip flap x2
This little locked-up box

It's filled up to the brim
With distant voices..
Look, they spread, they fill us up, so

Flip flap x2
Even the stars around us
Flip flap x2
They go and dance around
The twinkling, mysterius sunlight on high

Like a guide to the ends of this world...
And now with you, together we..
Flip flap

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