Pose English Lyrics By Taiiku Okazaki (Pokemon Sun & Moon ED)

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Ending Eng Lyrics (Pose - Taiiku Okazaki)

What's up, future champ? let's keep pushing hard every day
Catch! x2 (Catch! x2) now let's make some friends

Not even a super ball, or a hyper ball, or a master ball
Can capture your heart
But if we dance together, i'll start feeling better
Normal, fighting, poison, ground, flying, bug, rock, ghost
Metal, fire, water, elctric, grass, ice
Psychic, dragon, dark, fairy
Both un-evolved and evolved all come together, together, together...

With all your might, strike a pose
You're a roaring blaze set aflame..
You've been shocked by rattling electricity..

You're ghost whizzing by and creepily laughing..
You're the world's best martial artist throwing some heavy punches..

I'm glad i meet you, i'm so very glad
I have so may memories stuffed in my pockets..
Even in tough times, we'll be wallking together holding hands
And when you grow up, i'll be here so we can meet again..

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