EXCITE English Lyrics By Daichi Miura (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid OP)

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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Opening Eng Lyrics (EXCITE - Daichi Miura)

I gotta believe...

I don't wanna know
If i landed a hit
I don't wanna know
I don't know if i am unmatched

Why?.. x4
If you notice
I came too far...
I can't stop feeling this premonition
The new beginning
I am cutting through the road of righteousness
I gotta believe....

Turning ON!

Slowly.. Excite! Excite!
My heart's beating fast!
Excite! Excite!
My heart.. Is guiding me to where i'm needed
I'm dashing through until i arrive..

I'm on a mission right now
Excite! Excite! i've multiplied
Excite! Excite! chase my shadow

Unless i'm confined
I'll keep saving the life..
I've filled up to the max!

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