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Elsword: El Lady Opening Lyrics - Runner's High by 정현모

Beokchan hoheubgwa
Hime gyeoun haruharuga..
Ohiryeo nal salaitda malhago isseo
Keureoke da pogihara dageuchyeotjiman...

Negen ajig kkumi isseo
Jogeum deo nophi nara oreunda
Hanbeon deo kanjeolhan barameuro
Sumchage dallinda
Keoleum keoleum mada
Naeile kkumeul kkunda..

Ne soneul jabneunda
Unmyeong eh majseol geunal
Cheoum cheoreom igoseseoh
Nareul jikyeobwajweo...

lyrics credit/full: Rolitabun (comment)@ 2nafish@youtube 
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