Uncontrollable English Lyrics By Kanako Itou (Chaos,Child OP)

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ChäoS;Child Opening Eng Lyrics (Uncontrollable - Kanako Itou)

So hey, hey, it just won't stop
The madness we call chaos begins to accelerate

Speaking like i know it all, even the reason i was born
Before i knew it, i'd become hopelessly uninformed..
My thirst no longer quenchable, my blood begins to boil
Curiosity welling up from sunny days long past..
Return to innocence
Return to chaos world..
Return to that sky
Return to new generation..
It's a dream you can't snap out of

repeat *

So hey, hey, if you end up losing sight of me
That's okay, there's always the next bus
I already know it.
This sky, your promises
They're all lies..

lyrics credit + lyrics on screen/recommend follow: Reading Steiner@vimeo
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