Uso no Hibana English Lyrics By 96neko (Kuzu no Honkai OP)

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Kuzu no Honkai/Scum's Wish Opening Eng Lyrics (Uso no Hibana - 96neko)

I want to treasure the most what is most precious
But even something so simple is the one thing i can't do

If destiny is real
Then you are the person i'm destined to be with
Those are the words i can't say because i'm scared it will destroy what we have 
Even when you're near, you feel so far
This feeling that comes and goes
Give up, don't give up
The petals i pink are never ending

The treasure box remains locked
Embracing the sparkling feelings
Hiding the faintly colored fragments in my sighs....

If our eyes meet, please don't look away
See through this lie i've locked away
I don't know how much more i can take
So please don't say anything yet..

It hurts...
I love you so much it's scary...

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