Wagamama Mirror Heart English Lyrics By Ayaka Ohashi (Masamune-kun's Revenge OP)

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Masamune-kun's Revenge Opening Eng Lyrics (Wagamama Mirror Heart - Ayaka Ohashi)

Selfish mirror heart
Please watch my reversed eyes in it...

It's not that i can pretend to be though if i just have beauty..
Yes, roses have thorns, right?..
I'm not the type i don't care if i'm hurt..
I struck you up to cover my pure sign...
I feel frustrated somehow
I feel like something is about to overflow
Please don't, please wait
I want to shout though....

Selfish mirror heart..
My pure feeling is swaying reversed
So will, you accept it oppositely

However mirror heart
My behaviorism is rather sword than shield
You can tell i'm more delicate than glass arts, can't you?
Please notice it....

I want you to stare at my whole existence
I want you to embrace all as if you don't get nervous..
Shy boy......

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