Last Desire English Lyrics By Maon Kurosaki (Rewrite 2 OP)

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Rewrite Season 2 Opening Eng Lyrics (Last Desire-Maon Kurosaki)

Following many paths
I eventually came to a standstill
Even time, now frozen..
Is a far-off memory, fading...

What could i possibly sacrifice in order to become stronger?
I still don't have the courage to let go of my mom's hand..
There's no way i can become a hero..
I'd known all along..
But at the very least
I want to protect you
That's all i hope for..

Transforming my body into a blade
I proceed across this ruined land
Advancing ever onward
I even cut through my own weakness...

I wonder if i'll ever reach the future you desired..
Until we arrive at that day
I'll protect you, without fail....

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