Sayonara Bystander English Lyrics By YUKI (3-gatsu no Lion OP 2)

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3-gatsu no Lion Opening 2 Eng Lyrics (Sayonara Bystander - YUKI)

The sound of trains running near the riverside
The color of sunflowers
Hanging their heads in bloom..
The sunset paints a striped borderline..
The more i hear you say, Thank you..
Why does it make me feel like i wanna cry?
It's as if i were a kid again..

I thouhjt i'd stored my tears away in the refrigerator
But better than anyone
I know the value of the one i desire

Farewell, bystander..
We'll start walking from here
No matter if this road will take us to heaven..
Or somewhere not even close
I want to laugh with you and stand by your side
Just as you are..

I'll gather up all our pride, wishes, and dreams
Keeping them in abundance
Always on hand!..

Even if i'm scared, so scared
To the point i'm about to go under..
I'll make a promise to you...

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