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Brave Soul Fight! English Lyrics By Sora Tokui & Shuuta Morishima (Future Card Buddyfight X OP)

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Future Card Buddyfight X Opening Eng Lyrics (Brave Soul Fight! - Sora Tokui & Shuuta Morishima)

Buddy Fight!
It's alright you're doin' fine!
You don't have to change, just be who you are..
All your tears and your smile everything cherish it
Brave soul fight!..

You have been refining your style forever now..
And it's a goal that's just for you..
Theory won't be allit takes to explain it all..
It's an infinite fighting case
Ride on! don't give up! no matter when, no matter what
Don't throw it away
Cause it will touch
Somebody's heart deep within
Shaking them up again to..
Go on

The sound of your
Sound of your voice again
It's igniting a fire to my soul..
So we must
Go reach out
For the dream at the sound of the call..
And run up to the future, so let's go..

Buddy Fight! It's alright
We will never stop! it's too soon to give up!
So until the end, we will give it everything that we've got..

repeat *

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