Fight Against the Wind! Lyrics (Future Card Buddyfight X Ending) - Ayana Kinoshita

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Future Card Buddyfight X Ending English Lyrics (/Fight Against the Wind!/Mukaikaze ni Fight! - Ayana Kinoshita)

You go and go and never give in
Again the wind you keep on running
Even when you stumble
And fall over rocks
You never stop fighting..
You go and go and never give up
I know that you will always be fine
The moment you dreamed has just finally come
Your challenge has now begun..

When in the darkness and you wanna cry
Look at the sky..
Cause you'll see a hundred, or a thousand times more
Shinning stars that turn your tears into smiles..

Just keep running through and reaching out to
The miracle that no one's ever seen yet
And don't give in now
Just hold your tears now
You've got the courage in you...

I believe that you are so much stronger
That you would ever think..
So let's go into the future now
Cause the greatest ever is waiting just for you...

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