10% roll, 10% romance English Lyrics By UNISON SQUARE GARDEN (Welcome to the Ballroom OP)

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Welcome to the Ballroom Opening Eng Lyrics (10% roll, 10% romance - UNISON SQUARE GARDEN)

1 sec 'til contact
2 sec and check my toe
3 sec take your hand, right?

Tick tock as the gears start to turn
But only the one foot placed keeps going
Something's odd
I can't remember how to breathe
As each day keeps rolling playing.
The most vital heart won't sing
What's the matter?
Is an opportunistic score needed?
Sometimes you shouldn't read the situation
One beat, praise, light the fire..

Playing tricks like such a melodrama
If you're just gonna laugh
I'm outta here

Now style a pure heart
Change on over
Then you can go anywhere
The door is left open...
Go on and perform

Take me out!
After i shyly take your hand
Let's show off this rhythm of surprise
The way you dance with the world
It's too good
I want you to show me a little at a time

Take me out!
110% sympathy
It's secret that we've linked
Because to see you this close
I may be the only one since the dawn of history, right?

1 sec 'til contact
2 sec and check my toe
3 sec take your hand, right?

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