Dakara Boku wa Boku wo Tebanasu English Lyrics By WEAVER (Sagrada Reset OP 2)

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Sagrada Reset/Sakurada Reset OP 2 Eng Lyrics (Dakara Boku wa Boku wo Tebanasu - WEAVER)

An unopened novel that i liked ten years ago
What i pretended was so me

I laugh at the people who speak smugly
Borrowing words from the greats
As if those words were their own..
But the way i was
Lacking in self-awareness
Was kind of the same thing

I actually knew that
I reset my mind now..

I am the one who will let go of myself
I firmly told myself within my heart
Even if people talk about me behind my back
I'll only face forward

I would rather carve my way
Instead of following the footsteps that the world had left behind
If it's a path i believe in
I can go down it without getting lost
It's okay..

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