Taiyou mo Hitoribocchi English Lyrics By Qyoto (Dive!! OP)

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Dive!! Opening Eng Lyrics (Taiyou mo Hitoribocchi - Qyoto)

Just like a flying bird spreading its wings over the blue ocean
Searching for a dream i've yet to have
Fly about through trial and error..

The sun rises and falls again
I want to change that mundane reality..
The smell of boundless summber,
Even in my hands
I'm sad without you here....

And the sun is linely too
Being in the middle of you..
Having learned the sad lie..

A map of the future appearing in the sky
A future that changes without you
I tried to forget you by hiding behind my laughter..

Aview that cannot be seen from here
A view that can only be seen from here
Open up the canvas of my heart and paint with the true colors only you can see...

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