The Other Side of the Wall Lyrics (Princess Principal Opening) - Void_Chords ft.MARU

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Princess Principal Opening Lyrics - The Other Side of the Wall by Void_Chords feat.MARU

Heyyyy....... wouohooo.....

Hear me, i say cross the wall
Can you feel that nothing turns around...
Like a gear in sync inside a clock...
Who can be sure of how to make it work..
Inner sight
Gotta stay alive...

I will never be deceived
I'm a girl that sees through lies..
Cause i know..
Know it all
Gonna fly so high....

Get across the wall
What awaits, and what can it show me now..
Smack it down
Get across the wall..
Break away, and then let'em catch me say
Don't let me down

Oh yeah
When the clockwork moves and starts to shine... (you got to find)
Forever let it glow
Carry out..
Show the way...
Blast it off right..

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