Taiyou no Elegy English Lyrics By Flower (Shoukoku no Altair ED)

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Shoukoku no Altair Ending Eng Lyrics - Taiyou no Elegy (Flower)

Haaa... Haaaaa aaaaaa....

Please tell me the name of that bird
That spread its wings as if cutting through the air..
This caravan proceeds down an endless path
Aimless travelers pretending to search for tomorrow..

Once the golden sandstorm passes
I wish for the sea to quench all my thirst...

The saddest night the world's ever known is coming..
Even if try wishing to the stars, as they smile, shining down on this desert..

My wish will never come true
So at the very least,
Wrapped in my veil
I'll continue to dance...

Where is that person...

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