Flag wo Tatero English Lyrics By YUKI (March Comes in like a Lion 2 OP)

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March Comes in like a Lion/3-gatsu no Lion Season 2 Eng Lyrics (Flag wo Tatero - YUKI)

The clouds adorning the setting sun whispered
It's gonna be your turn next into my ear
But now that they've grown tired of just killing time
I'm sure i'll just be their scapegoat
But i'm the king of my very own world
I can even run on top of water..
I'm the egg who can put itself back together again after a fall
And can even go on to become an astronaut..

I'm sure if i pink up all the beads that rained from the sky
And gather them all up..
Then one day i'll finally be able to plant a flag that signifies
My very own liberty..

So i pull on my ripped jeans and fight back...
The tears the draft brings..
I exhale a big gulp of air and then another
Cause i'm a boxer rising up again...

You get only chance to come back from the brink...
So pound on that door you painted yourself..
The colorful ink disperses into two paths
But you're the one who decides how your flower blooms..

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