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Hope English Lyrics By Namie Amuro (One Piece OP 20)

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One Piece Opening 20 Eng Lyrics (Hope - Namie Amuro)

Our feelings for you are pounding
Becoming the source of unbound strength
If you you wish for it
No matter where it might be
We'll go there waving our unchanging bond
We are hope.....
I'm truly gkad that me ran into each other..
We like to roll over with laughter..
While our painful tears dry up...

Joined together inside the blowing wind..
We'll rise...
Flapping high... Very high..

Why have you stopped looking for what you wanted..
Why do you keep fighting alone..
Hey, what kind of future were you prepared for..
Your dream is already in your hand....

repeat *

At the end of the wide blue world..
There's a place i want to go with you
Let's move forward, as for the route....
It was already decided..
Long.. Ago.....

Your voice is still not reaching through
Crushing you helpless heart
I'll always look out for you so
Let's believe in the light brought by the sunrise...

Close your eyes and listen carefully
Let us find the answer
you've been looking for
Our paths will surely lead us
To the seas no one has ever seen before
We are hope...

At the end of the wide blue world...
I have a place to return with you..
We are bound forever
We already decided that..
Long.. Ago.....

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