Hanaichi Monme English Lyrics By BURNOUT SYNDROME (Gintama. Silver Soul Arc ED)

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Gintama. Silver Soul Arc/Gintama.: Shirogane no Tamashii-hen Ending Eng Lyrics (Hanaichi Monme - BURNOUT SYNDROME)

Flower one
This world is transient
Flower one
Like a soft swirl
I will resist
I wonder how they will connect
My hands, dreams and heart...
A few ago...
Even friends..
They change enemies and return...
Like a wive

I will continue going
Living and living
The testimony went throungh
A scar on the brain..

One's dear flowers
This world has been a long time
Flower one..
Is it possible to beat with being cut
Sorry, now i will fight seriously
Do not let it go
My hands...
Dreams and heart...

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