The Perfect World Lyrics (B: The Beginning Ending) - Marty Friedman ft. Jean-Ken Johnny, KenKen & Koji Fujimoto

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B: The Beginning Ending Lyrics - The Perfect World by Marty Friedman feat. Jean-Ken Johnny, KenKen & Koji Fujimoto

Someday I'll be gone..
To somewhere that we belong..
And has never play his role
Cause I'm the one who saves my soul

It's a perfect world we're longing for..
So long....
Conscience shatters content gather
In the city of no answer
As we follow
Endless questions
Ends up in the
Same reflection

Sometimes we try to feel
How things just used be
In yesterdays... (yesterdays...)

Now l'll never make it better
No one ever lives forever
Wake me up and let me go....

Someday I'll be gone...
To somewhere we all belong..
For so long

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