Even...if Lyrics (Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Opening) - Tamaru Yamada

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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Opening Lyrics - Even...if by Tamaru Yamada

Aaouuu... aaoouaaa... x2

Bokura nanno tame ni..
Umarete kita no darou..
Ai wa itsumo soba ni
Aru noni zutto me wo somukete mayotte itanda..
Donna tsuyoi tetsu no yoroi de...
Kimi wo mamorou to shite mo
Sono kokoro made boku wa mamorete iru no darou ka...

Moshi mo yume ga yume no mama
Even if game’s over akiramenai yo
Itsumo kimi ga kimi no mama
Irareru you ni te wo nobaseba..

Koko ni aru....
Ima kako wo subete kagayaki dashite yo ii
Kimi no egao
That’s my dream
Kurayami no sekai demo..

Aaouuu... aaoouaaa... x2

lyrics credit + full lyric: Renata Ren-Ren Stanfield (comment) @ https://youtu.be/8dodd2HP6Gs
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