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Winding Road Lyrics (Golden Kamuy Opening) - MAN WITH A MISSION

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Golden Kamuy Opening Lyrics - Winding Road by MAN WITH A MISSION

Our real last desire..
And trembling in the anger...
Though i know that you're a great liar...
The world is pain and in dark gray..
Konran no jodai ya..
Uso bouryoku no rasen ga..
Toku nakarou no mirai e to
Otosanu you ni..

Going down to reach somewhere together
Mou inchido yumemiru yo...

Someday we will find out the truth
Kono hoshi no kazu dake..
Yami wo kakenukete..
Agaru long and winding road..

Standing on the cloudy edge on life
Holding our rusty old knife..
Asahi ga sashi dasu kara..
Kakeru long and winding road..

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