Legendary English Lyrics By Roselia (Cardfight!! Vanguard 2018 OP)

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Cardfight!! Vanguard 2018 Opening Eng Lyrics (Legendary - Roselia)

Become the vanguard and soar up
A sparkling Legendary...

There are days that I look down on the piling hustle and bustle..
The cowardly but enticing voice, don't listen to it..

Sounds in the chest (Fight!)
Engrave them (Fight!)
That's what you taught me... (Stand up, Now!)

If you believe (Fight!)
It shall (Fight!)
The cards in your hand will call out... (Stand up, Now!)

Entrust your body to your heart
Just like that, you just have to draw the miracle

Become the vanguard that covers the world...
I shall fly together with you
The ambition cuts the darkness
And lights up the path to victory

The made bond-colored conclusion...

A shining Legendary..

lyrics credit: cardfight.wikia.com
edit/modify by lirik.biz

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