Stay With Me Lyrics (Suits Korean Drama OST Part 2) - Jung Eun Ji

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Suits OST Part 2 Lyrics - Stay With Me/If The Winds Blows by Jung Eun Ji (Apink)

Geydaeneun moreujyo..
Seoseong georineun naui maeum

Nan geudael arayo..
Geudae du nun barabomyeon...
Aesseo nal oemyeonhaji marayo budi
Geujeo nae gyeoteseo..
Meomulleo juseyo...

Baram bulmyeon kkoccipi jideusi..
Geudae nareul tteonaji marayo...
Naneun geudae gyeote isseoyo ijji marayo..
I sesangi da kkeutnal ttaekkaji..

-this is not full lyrics, it's a quotes from drama OST

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