Akatsuki no chinkonka English Lyrics By Linked Horizon (Attack on Titan 3 ED)

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Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Ending Eng Lyrics (Akatsuki no chinkonka/Requiem der Morgenröte - Linked Horizon)

The earth and the sky
Why have they split so far apart..
The world is cruel
Yet it remains so beautiful...
Those who cast Stones
And those whom they strike
Between them lie fences difficult to overcome..

If one of them changes stance..
Justice will bare its fangs
That which is howling within the cage
In the end, which side is it....

I offered my heart..
To the unrestorable twilight..
At the end of a long night
Where can paradise be found....

Requiem! x2
To the nameless flowers scattered in the night
Please rest in peace
As dawn breaks...

La..laaa... laa... la.. x4

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