Guess Who Is Back Lyrics (Black Clover Opening 4) - Kumi Koda

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Black Clover Opening 4 Lyrics - Guess Who Is Back by Kumi Koda

Touku made michibikarete..
Meiun no michi wo...
Buchikowasu made.....

Guess who's back
Everybody get down!
Guess whi's back
Stand up! x2
Howoooo... x3

Unmei no itazura ni..
I'm falling down..

Kimi to kanadeta haamo nii
Mada kako ni okizari no mama
Kimi no tsuyoki na kouru o
Maneku koe ni hokizutta mama

Matteru dake ji ya mou tarinai
Yeh.. yeahh...

Guess who is back
Meikai dakishime...
Guess who is back
Utsushidasu flame..

Guess who is back
Hikari tomoshite...
Guess who is back
Makkura no meiro de...

Guess who is back

Lalalalala lalala x2
Guess who is back
Lalalalala lalala
Me no mae no kibou uchikatte..

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