Super Powers English Lyrics By V6 (One Piece OP 21)

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One Piece Opening 21 Eng Lyrics (Super Powers - V6)

Yes! We've got Super Powers x4

You've been dreaming of a monster
That will break your heart
Jump up and say Go to Hell
And break the paradise
Dangerous! x2
We like it!
Serious! x2

Dreaming of the one who's been hurting
Will be the most treasured one....

The bond of friendship is exciting and mysterious
We live to be working hard now
Adventure calls upon us
Yes! We've got Super Powers

Believe in the greatest dream
Rivalled between two bonds..
Failure is strangely charming
Yes! We've got Super Powers

With love, tears, and stars combined
We've been carrying the future's dawn
With our foolish loved ones, our world will shine again....

Fight! The greatest enemy is myself

repeat * and **

Yes! We're the Super Powers x4

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