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Beyblade Burst Turbo Opening Lyrics - Turbo by NateWantsToBattle

I hear the world callin' out a hero
Change the game spin the bey and join the fight
It's the time lets go turbo..
Beyblade burst collide..
Stand your ground it's a new generation
The stakes are high only legends will survive..
Wont give up let it rip in the battle
Beyblade burst turbo!

Gonna take the Victory.. (let's go)
I'm bursting out in overdrive!
A warrior will take the lead!
Beyblade burst Turbo..

Collide with the energy..
Bladers conquer to survive!
Be a part of the legacy..
Beyblade Burst Turbo!..

It comes down to the final moment
I feel the stadium motion
Let them know who we are...
Beyblade come alive

Transcend its a new competition
A champion sticks to the mission
Keep on raising the bar..
Beyblade burst turbo..

Gonna take the victory..
I'm bursting out in overdrive..
A warrior will take the lead..
Beyblade burst turbo..

repeat *

lyrics credit: Carolina Soto (comment) @ https://youtu.be/w549t85naFE
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