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Boogiepop wa Warawanai 2019 Opening Lyrics - shadowgraph by MYTH & ROID

Can you see the meaning inside yourself
Can you see the meaning in your darkness

Oh where are you now..
Have you gone away?
You're now...
it's just a look alike
All of the world is fully changing
You know why....
I can not see from here

Kibou ni wa yurete wa..
Dareka ni yobareteta
Tsurinuke wa soko ni wa
Kieru sesu iza wata..

Can you see the meaning inside yourself?
Kui ni warai kiete kure..
Masa ni tenkai ga semare
Sono imi mo shirazu....

So can you see the meaning in the darkness?
Kurikaeshi utsuru kage
Nanimo nai sono naka wo..
Nanika wo sagashi aritsuzukeru.....

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