To My Dearest English Lyrics By Hoshikawa Lily & Franchuchu (Zombieland Saga Insert Song Episode 8)

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Zombieland Saga Insert Song Episode 8 Eng Lyrics (To My Dearest - Hoshikawa Lily & Franchuchu)

I knew we'd be saying goodbye,
buy i thought it would be much later
And it all ended before i could tell you the things i wanted to,
But was too embarrassed
But you know, in those days we had together,
deep inside
I was laughing, crying, and smiling

You gave me so much warmth....
And showed me so mush kindness....
I'll never be able to replace the part of me that's missing now..
But even now, even now, those memories are still warm........

The world i had with you..
And the future where i'll be missing you..
And even if we're now far apart..

The courage you gave me will be my pride as i go on
So please, always, watch over me....

Every day, i miss you, i miss you
That's the way i feel
It won't ever fade but that's okay

Because that love, that love...
Wont, ever change,
no matter wthat happens....

I miss you x2,
and if one day, in a dream..
We mee again,
please tell me the same........

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