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Goblin Slayer Insert Song Episode 12 Lyrics - Within by Mili

Let out your strength from within, from within
Then you will begin to appreciate the hope...
In this graceful world...
Breathe in the waters, the clouds, and the dews..
Put out the fires taking control over you
Pock down a hole, bury a sapling
Flourish, let it flourish..
Hearts shall become a forest....

Poe layrha, layrha
Bodum phesphoe
Bodum mallumi ca
Bodum brad idas!

Seek from within, from within...
Then you will begin to see past uncertainty..

Let out your cries from within, from within
Remember who you used to be
Everyday can be your new beginning..

Tes luna vi luna
Sol sollus a esta
Esta la estralla vi
Vivi tex eta
Tes luna vi luna
Sol sollus a esta
Esta la estralla
Dalla dalla katrera!

lyrics credit: 冰玥(comment) @ https://youtu.be/3UJ_mERvw3A

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