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forget-me-not Lyrics (Sword Art Online: Alicization Ending 2) - ReoNa

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Sword Art Online: Alicization Ending 2 Lyrics - forget-me-not by ReoNa

Haaoooohaoouooooooo........... x3

So this is me omo sugiru yoroi de...
Arukenakunatta okubyou na yuusha
Aisaretakute mamoritakute furutta ken wa...
Sashidasareta te ni sasatte nukenai yo
Mada ienai mama
Life goes on....

Oh Everything turns to ash to ash
Inochi wa kanata wo mezasu
Kizutsuketa tsumi to itami hikizutte....

And everything turns to dust to dust
Taorete tsuchi ni kaeru toki..
Semete chiisana hana ga hora
Sakimasu you ni..

Haaoooohaoouooooooo........... x3

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