Kaen English Lyrics By Ziyoou-vachi (Dororo OP)

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Dororo 2019 OP Eng Lyrics (Kaen - Ziyoou-vachi)

Party is over...
But i still wanna dance..

I can't even sleep....
One day my passion's fire will
From the beginning i knew
One day the flasmes would die out
It was not supposed to need anything.
But even now i'm so serious....

Ahh.. I stil have time to make it.......
Left with a broken heart..........

Baby it's not that easy
But surely it's not that bad either
Ahh... Give me fire........
Light it up, baby.
I'm gonna burnt it up, yeah..

Yaaaauaaaaaa,yaaaaaa,a,aaaaaaaa x2

Party is over
Give me fire......
Light it up, baby.
I'm gonna burnt it up, yeah

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