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Dororo 2019 Opening Lyrics - Kaen by Ziyoou-vachi

Party is over...
Sore demo odoritakatta..

Nemurenai kurai....
Jounetsu no hi wa itsushika
Itsu no hi ni ka
Hana Kara kidzuite iru
Homura wa itsuka kieru
Nanimo iranai hazu datta
Na no ni mada I'm so serious....

Aa mada ma ni au........
Left with a broken heart........

Baby sore nari sonna ni amakunai yo
Demo kitto sonna ni warukunai yo
Aa give me fire.........
Light it up baby moyashichau ze

Yaaaauaaaaaa,yaaaaaa,a,aaaaaaaa x2

Party is over
Give me fire.....

lyrics credit + : Emi (comment) + Sub eng @ https://youtu.be/6okszfPBpTI
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