Kawaki wo Ameku English Lyrics By Minami (Domestic Girlfriend OP)

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Domestic na Kanojo/Domestic Girlfriend Opening Eng Lyrics (Kawaki wo Ameku - Minami)

Immature, heartless, but even so..
That's beautiful......

No destiny is unworthy
It's definitely not enough bu if we talk it; ll change
Things, money, love, words
I'm tired of expressing myself

déjà vu
What are you so frustrated about?
You've told me all sorts of selfish things
What more is there to say?
Even so, i don't mind that about you

(I'm tired if hearing that line)
The one thing i don't want is to be left incomplete!.......

Enough! even if you tell me - it means little!
Even if you say to "love me" - why?
It's easy to say if you're just having fun
Reckless to say if you're not serious!

How many times are those heavy words..
Going to be used and worn out?......

But even thouhj i was hoping for something!
And even after all the "it's fine" phrases
Don't hold down on light words with your heel
Take a hint and down't let it rain...

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