KEMURIKUSA English Lyrics By nano (Kemurikusa OP)

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Kemurikusa OP Eng Lyrics - KEMURIKUSA by nano

Inside the darik my heart beats echoes..
This long night still continues....

Time to face the hell that surrounds you
Before yo crash and burn
From under fire
Your soul will rise now..
Sucking it in then spitting it out
Between the thin line of life and death
Looking for it with the empty eyes

Stepping into the accel
Breaking out of the tunnel
Passing through the pain

The shadow has faded into nothingness..
Lost light continues into tomorrow....

Someday our world will change and come to an end
Inside the illusion remember remember
These hands of mine have so emotionlessly
Crushed and snatched away your future

Until my body rots and disappears
We will never surrender till we reach the boundary

This neverending agony
Finding my life the kemurikusa

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