Sayonara Gokko English Lyrics By amazarashi (Dororo ED)

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Dororo Ending Eng Lyrics (Sayonara Gokko - amazarashi)

Melancholy scatters in the wind and casts a shadow where it gathers..
Our footsteps are so talkative,
Scolding us for our aimlessness,
But i get so lost when i peer into the depth of your eyes.
We used to have hopes, right?
About what lies ahead?

The reason we joke and laugh is that the road we travel is so dark,
And i guess it's our job to turn on the lights...

I'm all too familiar with pretending to say goodbye,
But i still broke into tears as i waved farewell.

Amidst this deep red sadness of ours,
I get lost, it gets darker,
And then it becomes night.

Even if it's inevitable that tomorrow will come around,
I didn't ever say that i wanted to live for it.

Even though i'm better off quitting,
I still keep on having dreams of the furute. Of the future.
And it's all your fault.

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