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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Not A Hero Lyrics (King's Raid: Pandemonium Theme Song)

King's Raid: Pandemonium Theme Song Lyrics - Not A Hero

The only thing I promised you
The only time I wished for you
We did our best every single day..
But I think this is the end...
Yesterday when you smiled at me
Yesterday dreaming a small peace
I didn't want some big miracle
But It's too late everything's gone..

I'm begging you my Lord...
A Shoulder to cry on..
I lost my way,
Just give me a single word........

Where's the shining star for me and you
The Moon is hiding behind the clouds
I'm not the only one, not a hero.
I might be wrong, Going into the dark....

repeat * & **

Please watch me, Please save me
This darkness isn't me
It's not for me

Don't leave me now..
Fighting for me..
The end is not the end...

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