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Fairy Gone Opening Lyrics - KNOCK on the CORE by (K)NoW_NAME

Woo... wooo... x2

I wake up tired..
Sick bored expired..

I wasn't like this
Even had a dream too
No one can stop me
Believin' is the best thing
This miserable physical life we're in
We'll find a way
Itsumo here we'll pray..

Knocking on my door and
Trying to bring me out...

All this time i know where it was
Fire it up, furious to impact..

Break it down
Don't ever give up....
Now is your only chance to take a stance
Rise up! it's your fight......

Now is the time fight for your life
Tryin' not to stop but only to recharge

Tobira wo ake....
Go all the way out!

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