Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Fairy Tail Final Series Opening 3 Eng Lyrics (NO-LIMIT - Osaka Shunkashuto)

Wow wow......
Oh we'll get stronger
Wow wow........

Hey! Mr.Pain!
Bring it! x2
I won't let you do as you like
I'll get stronger than you
I've already made up my mind to be so..
Yeah i'm a natural dreamer
Go the way of heart beat fast..
Troubles that get out of tomorrow are just the things we want..

Ey yo!
Come on! Mr.Pain
Wave aside a tall ordaer, non stop
Not feel like you one will lose

(Raise a flag..)
If we are covered bruises
(Raise a flag..)
We are fellows fight together...

The new world is shining brightly..
Cut through the darkness
Break through the limit....

I'll catch the new world..
Fire the critical hit
The way to endless future......

repeat *

lyrics credit + lyrics on screen/recommend subscribe: https://youtu.be/-iZc60CFsfo
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