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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Sight Over The Battle Lyrics (ULTRAMAN 2019 Ending) - OLDCODEX

ULTRAMAN 2019 Ending Lyrics - Sight Over The Battle by OLDCODEX

Kumitatete ita hazu no..
Ririn wo kowashita..
Kusari kakete ita koe wo kiite

Sagashita kotoba de..
Samayou jiyuu e to...
Iki wo totonoite wa hashiridashi teta...
We've got to listen out to the location..
(Until we traverse the rain)
Negai ga todoku hazu to nigishimeta..

Hear My Soul..........
Clench My Best......

Doushite arasoi wa..
Tsudzui tekitan darou...
Kimi no te wa..
Sukui dake motomete ita hazu..

Ore wa nani wo tsugunatte
Tatakaeba iinda..
Sora ni notte
Kagayaku risou sute yashinai kara..

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