The Key English Lyrics By a flood of circle (Gunjou no Magmel ED)

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Gunjou no Magmel/Magmel of the Sea Blue Ending Eng Lyrics (The Key - a flood of circle)

I lost so much to get here, but i still feel cramped
I thought i was understanding more and more, but still ignorant..
I still can't break free after being shut off
Fly out faster that a mechanical missile
Hello new world x2
Shout out loud enough to silence the haters..

I'm sick of giving up and going back
Love me more than mutual destruction

Hello new world x2
At this moment, i say to you who haven't changed
Hello... Waho.. Hello new world x2
Let's reach the day the dreams we sung about come true

Our adventure may end, but we'll live on
Sing a new song
Until the day your future opens up...

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