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Fairy Gone Insert Song Episode 12 Lyrics - Hertzsprung gap by (K)NoW_NAME

Too many bloods on hands..
Even what people say..
We'd spent so many years,
Hurting others for that victory...

Contradiction of justice, evil
This is the world we live....
So let's move along and let's end sleepless nights
Need to end the  wasted lives...
(Just try to look inside, is this your war?)

Repeating too many bad dreams and realities..
Rethinking wgar're we waiting for..
(Need to fight against this world)
Raise your fist to break this world
And hold your spirit tight..
Get out from Hertzsprung gap!

Like grasping sand spills out from your fingers..
There're only limited things, we can hold it for sure
So we got to keep faith, focus on direction..
Trust your partner to keep alive in this world..

Contradiction of justice, evil
Better know your enemies...

So don't hold breath inside!
Release your possibilities
Tomorrow? you never know...
(Just try to look inside, is this your war?)

Keep your eyes open. think why you're standing here!
Rethinking what're we waiting for..
(Need to fight against this world)
Shut this deep, dark history, tomorrow wave that flag
Get out from Hertzsprung gap..

I think, i'll wave myself goodbye to get stronger every day..
Needless, worthless wishing, so hey.....
Move forward til the coming day..

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